It seems like every day I'm getting up early, feeling tired, and working relatively late into the evening and not getting enough sleep, just to start the process over again. But I'm only "working" for about 3 hours each day, getting long times for my meals, and participating in interesting china culture classes and watching fun student performances every evening. So I won't complain. But I do feel exhausted, ha ha.
Today, I saw my new groups of kids for the first time. They were actually awesome. They were much more proficient at English than the last two classes, they were more creative and willing to collaborate, and they were very personable and had good senses of humor. My only fear is that I am going to finish my 3 days worth of lessons in about 2 days and have to make a bunch of other stuff up at the end. Not a terrible problem to have, I guess.
Our culture class was cooking, and I made a few steamed dumplings, which I then got to eat. They weren't pretty looking, but they were pretty delicious! Then, the evening performance was the students dubbing the voices over popular American animated movies. It's hard to describe it without you seeing it, but I swear it was totally awesome. The teachers (who pretty much have to perform every night) went up on the stage and danced the Cupid Shuffle and the Chicken Dance. The kids loved it, so I guess it was worth the embarrassment and exhaustion, ha ha. Just kidding, it was pretty fun.
Tomorrow's culture class is supposed to be pottery, so I'm pretty excited about that. I'm terrible at crafts (we did paper cutting the other day and mine were tragically bad) but I at least have fun when I try them.
That's it for tonight. I really am going to try to catch up on sleep tonight. I did post some pictures onto this site today for the first time. And I went a little picture-crazy, so there's plenty for you to check out if you are interested. Oh, and the few posts that are formatted weird (like all 1 big paragraph) are the ones I typed on my phone, and the others I did on a computer. Although, this one I'm doing on my phone but I think I've discovered the problem. But I won't be able to tell until I post it, because they always look fine on the screen while I'm typing. Thanks for reading, and good night!

Jessy Gietz
07/08/2013 8:41am

Christine posted a link to this site, so I finally caught up on all of the blogs and pictures. Looks awesome! Hope you're still having a great time and look forward to reading/seeing more!


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