Today was the first day of my two week teaching trip. It was nice to do the sightseeing as soon as I got to China, but now I have to start "working" ha ha.Last night we met the teachers and other officials from our sister school here in nanjing, and had a feast with them. The food was really good, even if there were a few "interesting" dishes, like snails, chicken feet, and glazed shrimp that you're supposed to just eat with the shell on it and everything... I want a different post to be all about the food I've had on my trip so I won't go too much into all of that right now though.Then this morning were the "opening ceremonies" where they welcomed us as their guests of honor and officially begun the two week camp. There were about 2000 students there, all patiently waiting for us to arrive and cheering for us when we did. It was really cool.My teaching schedule is each day I teach two 80-minute classes, and I teach those same kids for 3 straight days. Then I get two new classes for the next three days, and so on for 2 weeks. I'll end up seeing 8 different classes total.Today, the first group was amazing. It took them a little while to get used to my "american" way of teaching and to open up, but they were eager to learn and were really pretty good at English. I was pumped, my lessons were going according to plan! ...then I got to my second class. They were also really great kids who wanted to do well, but they were much less proficient at English. They were getting it a lot better when I wrote things on the board, so I'm definitely going to have to tweak a few things for the next two days with that group.But overall it was a success. The students were really smart, respectful, and eager to please. Same with the teachers and other adults at the school. And with literally every other Chinese person I've encountered since I've been here. I know I mentioned it in my last post as well, but the Chinese love us. I've felt very happy and welcomed here, which is definitely helping with the fear and nervousness that I was feeling about going half a world away, not being home, and not getting to see Christine for a while, or do anything to prepare for the big next few months that we're going to have!Sorry about still not posting pictures, the WiFi at this hotel is even worse than at the one in Beijing. I think it's maybe more of a China thing than a specific hotel thing? Either way, I have been taking plenty of good pictures and I'll be putting them up at some point, either in the next few days, or maybe once I get back home. Stay tuned!

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