This is my first day in China. Was on the plane for 13 hours and touched down yesterday at what was 2:30pm China time, which is 2:30am at home. And then we had to drive to the hotel, go out for a Chinese dinner, etc. By the time I got to bed, it was about 10pm, and I had been up for 30-something hours. The bed was quite uncomfortable, the room was hot, but I slept like a baby, ha ha!I'm going to have to keep this short since we're about to go and tour the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square today. But I'll update later with pictures and details about the interesting food that I've already eaten! The WiFi in my room doesn't work so I might not update much until the 4th when I get to Banking, where hopefully the connection will be better. Zai jian!

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    I'm Dan.  I'm a teacher.  And this is my blog about my trip to China.

    Wŏ jiào Dan.  Wŏ shì laŏ shī.  Zhè ge wŏ blog dù wŏ jià zhōng guó.


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