It's Wednesday night, and I have to be at the airport at 5:00am on Saturday morning.  You'd think I'd be pretty ready to go right? 

Well...I have my passport and my Chinese work visa, and my paperwork all squared away, so I'm ready as far as the airlines and the governments are concerned.  I've THOUGHT about what I'm going to be teaching there, but I just haven't really written anything down or figured out any of the specifics of my lesson plans.  I guess I have a long plane ride in front of me where I can figure some of that stuff out, so I should be fine.

And then there's packing.  Haven't even thought about starting that!  Tomorrow's gotta be the day.  Or, realistically I guess it'll probably end up being Friday.  I'm going to be gone for about 2 and a half weeks, so that's a lot of "stuff" that I'm going to need to bring.  Plus, they say it's the custom there to give gifts to your students, the other adults in the school, etc. so I have to figure out what those are going to be, and pack them along with the rest of my stuff.

Well, I'm gonna sign off of here and start at least writing down a list of stuff so I don't end up leaving anything behind.  And then I need to get pretty serious about getting prepared for this trip.  So stay tune

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